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Manage your education community.


A platform that centralises all the information and facilitates the daily functions of your educational centre: administrative management, planning, communication, monitoring and content.

Weeras Education has functions that support training, management and monitoring to meet all your needs.


Designed to evolve with the needs of its users, providing an advanced technological base that facilitates the implementation of different pedagogical and organisational approaches.

It is important to highlight our flexibility and adaptability as key features of this tool to meet the needs of our customers in the field of education.

Secondary schools
Language schools
Education services
Extracurricular activities

From 1,50€ month per student

Flexible plans that adapt to your needs. Free for family members, teachers and administrative staff.


Main features.


It adapts the environment to the characteristics and needs of the centre. It defines the educational levels, the academic calendar and the privileges associated with the different user profiles.

Educational levels
Define the stages, courses and subjects that make up the educational offer of your centre. Organise students into classrooms. Use them also to manage extracurricular activities, supervision or accompaniment. Assign tutors, spaces and timetables.

Academic year
Establishes when the academic year begins and ends and the days that will be public holidays for the centre. When completed, it manages the promotion of students to the next level of the educational pathway.

User profiles
Assigns each user the profile that best fits their roles and functions among the educational community (administration, secretary’s office, teaching staff, students, family members, PAS, PAE, AFA and Extracurricular) to provide them with an environment adapted to their needs.

It personalises the parameters that govern the operation of the environment according to the needs of the centre, defining, among other aspects, what the teaching staff, students and their families will be able to do or what tools they will have access to.

Make decisions based on the information gathered in the Statistics area. Know how and when different user profiles are accessing the environment and which tools are being used most frequently.


It records in the environment the information corresponding to the daily monitoring of students in the classrooms and establishes a direct channel of communication with families for a fluid and constant individualised attention.

Manage meetings with students’ families, assign them a time and place or hold them online. Send notification of the event, request confirmation of attendance and prepare a personalised report with the points discussed. Improve individualised attention to students, offering families the possibility of requesting meetings.

Improve communication, transparency and responsiveness to possible problems (delays, absences, missing homework, etc.) through the system for recording, notification and consultation of incidents. Use it also to record and communicate positive aspects (good behaviour, excellent performance, etc.).

Teacher’s notebook
Create items to evaluate tasks or other aspects of student performance in the classroom (participation, contributions…) and, in this way, compile in one place all the information recorded in the different sessions.

Secretary’s Office
It provides families with a space where they can report and justify absences, delays, missing homework or other aspects related to the attendance or participation of students in educational activities.


Enriches face-to-face teaching with digital content and activities that favour the understanding and implementation of the concepts worked on.

Digital books
Integrates into the environment the digital books from publishers that the centre has chosen to guide and support the teaching-learning process of the subjects. Manages licences and creates personalised activity packs based on them.

Use the exercises tool to manage the delivery of work done inside or outside the classroom and provide students with personalised feedback. It offers the opportunity to make new tasks in order to progressively improve performance and consequently improve results.

Provides new opportunities to practice, reinforce and apply the concepts studied, creating quizzes that allow the acquisition of knowledge to be assessed. Decide, among many other aspects, how many times the quiz can be taken, what period of time it will be available, how it will be scored for successes and errors, and whether a maximum time limit will be set for taking the quiz.

Create interactive panels to support the dynamics to be developed in face-to-face sessions by projecting them in the classroom through the Dashboard, a tool with different types of widgets (stopwatch, timer, random selection of words, image, audio or video galleries, progress indicators, dice throwing, etc.).


Encourages inclusion, creativity, innovation and personalisation of learning by creating its own interactive content. Prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century by developing project-based learning strategies.

Projects (ULTIMATE licence only)
Design and create content oriented to project-based learning (PBL) in a guided way using the Projects tool. Establishes phases to address the different stages of the project, from the presentation of objectives, through the development of the process and culminating with the closure of the project. It provides the resources and tools necessary to carry out the work and a portfolio in which to compile the results obtained in the different phases.

Author (ULTIMATE licence only)
Encourages inclusion, creativity, innovation and personalisation of learning by designing interactive activities of different types and levels of difficulty. It combines developmental activities (open response, closed response, dictation, rewriting, mathematical development) with activities for identifying, relating and organising elements and games (memo, puzzle, word search, crossword…) for a more playful and relaxed learning.


It provides multiple channels to serve the communication flows generated in the centre between the different members of the community.

It informs about news, activities or other relevant aspects that need to be communicated to the whole educational community or to certain groups within it (teachers, students, families…). It establishes priorities and displays the news in a visible place on the user’s home page.

It speeds up communication between all the administrative, technical and teaching staff of the centre through the Talk tool, its own chat system that allows them to create groups, share documents and communicate synchronously by text and videoconference.

Use the platform’s built-in messaging system to manage asynchronous communications between community members. Schedule mailings, send copies to external mailboxes and label messages for easy organisation.

Get closer contact through the videoconferencing system integrated into the environment. Save time and travel and improve your team’s productivity by holding virtual meetings with the meeting tool. Use webinars to hold virtual sessions with your students.

Manages online authorisations and confirmation of acceptance or non-acceptance of data privacy issues, informed consents, participation in school activities and other documents that require the signature of the family members or legal guardians of the students.

Informs users of situations that are of interest to them or require their intervention by sending them warning notifications and directing them to the space where they will find more information or where they can resolve the issue in question.


It provides options to adapt the environment to the preferences and needs of the person using it.

Allow your users to decide in which language they want to see the environment. The selection will not affect the contents, which already have a specific language defined.

Light and dark modes
Adapt the display mode to the scenario you are in or to your preferences. Light mode will be more comfortable outdoors and dark mode in low light conditions or if you are interested in saving power to prioritise battery life.

Accessibility panel
Facilitates access for people with special needs by allowing some features of the site to be adapted (colour settings, text size…) and by providing intelligent navigation options and control via voice commands. WCAG 2.2 compliance.


It plans, schedules and visually displays scheduled activities among community members and reserves the physical spaces and material resources required for these activities.

Efficiently manage the functions associated with your community profile. Organise your activities, prioritise tasks, schedule meetings, interviews or other types of events for teachers, students or families.

Manages and visually represents all teaching and non-teaching schedules associated with a user, course or group, including classes, meetings, mentoring, other events and personal schedules made by the teaching staff.

Defines and manages the physical spaces (classrooms, meeting rooms, workshops…) and material resources (projectors, tablets, laptops…) available in the centre for training.


It defines the periods of evaluation, the items to be evaluated for each educational level and the reports to be generated. It establishes exceptions for groups or students with special needs.

Assessment items
Establishes the periods of evaluation of the school. Defines and configures the items to be assessed in each period, stage and educational level, and the corresponding assessment scales. Creates predefined texts to facilitate the work of teachers in their assessments.

Rating scales
It provides teachers with a user-friendly and simple environment for entering the assessments of the items corresponding to the subjects and groups assigned to them.

Manages exceptions for groups or students with special needs, defining the items to be assessed in each specific case and period of evaluation.

Manage the minutes resulting from the closure of the evaluations, consult reports on the results of the evaluation process and generate the report cards to be provided to families. Keep track of the notifications sent and the corresponding access to the report cards.


Create a sense of community and encourage participation in school activities. Create informative blogs, open spaces for debate, share photo galleries, collect opinions through surveys.

Encourage the exchange of ideas, critical thinking and collaborative learning through Blogs. Use them to generate debate, enrich the educational experience and stimulate motivation. Invite families to participate.

Give value to the opinion of your community to keep growing and improving the teaching-learning experience by collecting information, feedback and opinions from students, teachers and other members of the educational community through surveys.

Create photo and video galleries to share with families the experiences, achievements and special moments lived by their children in educational or recreational activities that have taken place at the school, programmed outings, excursions or other events.

Create a folder structure to organise and share files securely. Manages the access and availability of documentation to share it among the relevant users in the educational community.


We support you, advise and assist you in making optimal use of the platform's potential from the very first day and throughout our journey together.

Communicate fluidly with the weeras team through the Helpdesk system integrated in the platform. Take advantage of the tool to manage incidents, service requests and internal improvement requests from the centre.

User guides
Solve your doubts quickly by consulting the online user guides available for each user profile of the platform.

Support and advice
We offer initial training in which we introduce the main functionalities and tools of the environment and guide you on how to use them according to the needs of the centre. We are at your side to resolve any doubts that may arise throughout the academic year.

Customised training
We offer personalised training, adapted to the needs of the centre, which can be oriented towards the efficient use of the platform or more general or specific aspects, on the development of certain methodological strategies in online environments (flipped classroom, collaborative learning, gamification…).