Weeras Academy

E-learning platform in the cloud for your face-to-face, online or blended learning offer.

Flexible. Versatile. Customisable.

Adapted to the needs of each type of course and audience, with integrated communication tools, support systems for students and centre management, Weeras Academy is the perfect solution for your company.

We grow with our clients, providing a cutting-edge technological base that favours the development and dynamisation of teaching-learning strategies with different pedagogical and organisational approaches.

Training centres

Configure and manage your face-to-face, blended and online training offer, from seminars or short courses to master’s degree programmes. Include in your offer courses that keep enrolment open 365 days a year. Offer training courses subsidised by FUNDAE.


Define and manage your internal training itineraries and programmes and those aimed at collaborators or clients. Establish new channels for communication, knowledge generation and empowerment of your professional team.


One plan. From €70 per month



Monthly budget calculator

From 50 students, we adjust the rate to the number of active students you have had this month.

VAT not included.

Academy Live


Monthly budget calculator

From 50 students, we adjust the rate to the number of active students you have had this month.

Up to 8 hours per month of video conferences per user. VAT not included.


Main features.

Courses and editions

Adapt the structure and organisation of the courses to the needs of the different types of training programmes included in your training offer, from seminars or courses of a few hours to master's programmes or training itineraries. Generate automatic notifications that inform you of situations that require the intervention of students or teachers.

Flexibility in the creation of courses
Choose the structural configuration that best suits the characteristics of each course. We offer you different structures to choose from depending on the complexity, length or organisation of the training programme.

Diversity of resources and activities
Make the learning experience richer by including different types of resources and activities in your courses (documents, videos, links, SCORM content, quizzes, exercises, folders, surveys, etc.).

Multiple communication channels
Set the communication channels to be included in the courses for interaction between students and teachers (noticeboards, blogs, chats, personalised tutorials, e-mail, videoconferences).

Course edition management
Reduce work by creating courses only once and managing editions to adapt them to their recipients, adjusting the teaching team, the programming, the criteria for passing, the notifications to be sent or the templates for generating documents, among other aspects.

Calendar and open editions
Include in your training offer calendar courses and courses that keep enrolment open 365 days a year. The platform provides tools that facilitate dynamisation when students who progress at different levels coexist.

Programming and access requirements
Establishes, in each edition, the sequence, order and conditions to be fulfilled in order to explore the contents and carry out the activities.It provides students and teachers with a visual representation of the programme in the form of a timetable.

Pass criteria
Specify the requirements for passing the course. In addition to a minimum grade, you can define criteria such as the completion of a certain percentage of the activities and/or evaluations or a minimum time of connection or presence in the videoconferences.

Evaluation and calculation of the final grade
Defines the strategy and structure of the assessment and indicates the weightings to be applied to the assessable activities. It decides whether the publication of marks will be automatic when all items have been marked or whether it will require manual validation by the teaching staff.

Customisable automatic notifications
Configure the automatic notifications to be sent to students and teachers to inform them of situations of interest to them or that require their intervention, including the sending of the certificate of achievement once the course has been passed.

Courses grouped into training itineraries
Create training itineraries combining courses organised into levels, define whether they will be compulsory or optional, which parts each participant will take and who will coordinate the training programme. Manage registrations conveniently from a single space.


In addition to event management, and unlike most e-learning platforms, weeras academy includes functions to manage the classroom aspects of training and the management of the centre's physical resources.

Management of resources and spaces
Defines and manages the physical spaces (classrooms, meeting rooms, workshops…) and material resources (projectors, tablets, laptops…) available in the centre for training.

Preparation of timetables
Use the timetables to consult the occupation of the physical spaces and resources of the centre and of the teaching staff providing face-to-face or synchronous virtual training.

Create events to inform about workshops, face-to-face exams, reinforcement sessions or other programmes associated with the centre’s educational or informative activity.

Monitoring and dynamisation

Support students through the whole training programme, propose activities, establish private communication channels and spaces for the sharing of ideas and knowledge. Consult the individual and group follow-up reports to find out the details of the students' activity and progress.

Notice board
Orient and guide students by providing them with indications and guidelines on how to organise themselves and work on the course contents, going to the whole group, through this unidirectional channel in which only the teaching staff can publish information.

It solves doubts and deals in a personalised way with queries made by students through tutorials, private communication chats between teacher and student, with the option of videoconferencing for a more direct and comfortable communication.

Use email to manage communications with students and between teachers. Create a message plan and schedule mailings to ensure that information is available when it is needed.

Get closer contact through the videoconferencing system integrated into the environment. Deliver virtual sessions with your students without having to worry about managing licences with an external provider.

Promotes creativity and collaborative learning by offering students spaces in which to develop ideas, contribute different perspectives on a topic or share their work.

Provide spaces for students to communicate with the rest of the group. Use them to brainstorm ideas, generate discussion, share resources or as a meeting point.

It proposes development activities and gives personalised feedback. It offers the opportunity to make new handovers in order to progressively improve performance and results obtained.

Interactive activities (coming soon)
It includes interactive activities of different types and levels of difficulty. It combines development activities (open or closed response, dictation, rewriting…) with activities of identification, relation or organisation of elements and games.

Assess knowledge acquisition and promote self-assessment through quizzes. Create repositories of questions and make quizzes different each time they are taken.

Collects learners’ preferences, opinions or assessments, before, during or after the training programme. Knows their expectations, implements co-evaluation strategies and fosters continuous improvement.

Individual monitoring
It monitors in detail the students’ activity and their interaction with the environment (progress through the training itinerary, participation in blogs and chats, results obtained in the evaluable activities, connections, etc.).

Group monitoring
View statistics and graphs on access to content, assessment results, grade distribution, etc. Massively manage the publication of grades and the sending of messages to students who have pending tasks.


The platform complies with the recommendations specified by FUNDAE for the implementation of subsidised training.

Specific or mixed editions
Create specific editions for the same training action or editions in which students from different training actions and groups coexist, therefore simplifying the tasks of management and dynamisation of the training.

Diagnosis of FUNDAE recommendations
Make sure that the subsidised courses you offer comply with FUNDAE requirements by checking the automatic diagnosis that the platform makes depending on how the course has been configured.

Automatic generation of inspection profiles
The inspection profiles associated to the different training actions and their corresponding access to contents and detailed follow-up reports are created automatically, so that you only have to inform about their access data.

FUNDAE survey for quality evaluation
The platform includes a form to fill in the FUNDAE quality evaluation survey and options for consulting and exporting the results.

Monitoring the activity of inspectors
Consult the inspections that have been carried out in a given period and the details of the information consulted.


It customises the parameters governing the operation of the platform (thematic areas present in the training offer, types of courses, default values to be used in the configuration of courses and editions, etc.) and provides options to adapt the environment to the preferences and needs of the person using it.

Adaptation to the needs of the centre
Customise the parameters used in the operation of the environment (thematic areas present in the training offer, types of courses, default values to be used in the configuration of courses and editions, etc.).

Allow your users to decide in which language they want to see the environment. The selection will not affect the courses, which already have a specific language defined.

Light and dark modes
Adapt the display mode to the scenario you are in or to your preferences. Light mode will be more comfortable outdoors and dark mode in low light conditions or if you are interested in saving power to prioritise battery life.

Accessibility panel
Facilitates access for people with special needs by allowing some features of the site to be adapted (colour settings, text size…) and by providing intelligent navigation options and control via voice commands. WCAG 2.2 compliance.

Online Management

Without installation and entirely in the cloud. With statistics that reflect relevant indicators on the centre's activity and tools that facilitate internal communication and management.

Optimised management tools
Create users and enrolments individually or en masse. Manage repositories of questionnaires, surveys and other documents that can be used in courses. All tools incorporate advanced filters and options for exporting lists.

Convenient and efficient internal communication
It speeds up communication between all the administrative, technical and teaching staff of the centre through the Talk tool, our own chat system that allows synchronous communication by text and videoconference.

Activity monitoring
Make decisions based on the information collected. Observe how the number of students with enrolments evolves month by month, in which months more enrolments are generated, which courses or editions generate more activity, how and when the different profiles access the environment.


It strengthens institutional identity, develops a sense of community, the exchange of ideas and personal and professional growth, and accompanies students by supporting them before, during and after their participation in the training programmes.

Institutional information spaces
Publishes news and/or organises virtual events informing about news, activities or other relevant aspects related to the centre aimed at the whole community or specific groups among it.

Create photo and video galleries to document and share the experiences developed in workshops, conferences or other face-to-face activities developed in the centre or related to it.

Invitation to participate
Publish informative blogs, open spaces for debate, encourage the sharing of experiences, collect opinions through surveys.

Student support services
You can easily and quickly deal with administrative issues from the Secretary’s office and resolve any doubts or possible problems interacting with the environment through the Technical Support area.


We accompany, advise and support you in making optimal use of the platform's potential from day one and throughout our journey together.

Helpdesk system
Communicate fluently with the weeras team through the Helpdesk system integrated in the platform. Benefit from the tool to manage incidents, service requests and internal improvement requests from the centre.

User guides
Solve your doubts quickly by consulting the online user guides and the contextual help integrated in the different screens of the platform.

In-company training
We offer personalised training, adapted to the needs of the centre, for an efficient use of the weeras academy platform or on the development of certain methodological strategies (inverted classroom, collaborative learning, gamification, etc.).