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Weeras Academy

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Flexible, versatile and customisable, capable of adapting to the needs of each type of course and audience, with integrated communication tools, support systems for students and the management of the centre.

Weeras Education

Manage your education community.

It centralises all the information and facilitates the daily functions of the educational centre: access to content, administrative management, planning, communication, monitoring and evaluation.


Success Cases.

The best way to show our commitment is through the experiences and stories of our customers.

"The Weeras team is dynamic, responsive and empathetic. Thanks to them, it has been easy to manage the implementation, project monitoring and communication with project managers and support areas. From the whole process of implementation and subsequent treatment, I would highlight the proximity. In that sense, it has been very easy to incorporate Weeras into our teaching model."

Triangle Acadèmia

Carles Oriol (Director)

"What we like most about Weeras is the great team of professionals who always attend to our demands and resolve incidents quickly. We have been using it for many years because it makes it easier for us to implement our pedagogical innovations with the educational community: tutoring schedules, reports and competency assessment bulletins, among others."

Institut Apel·les Mestres

Alejandro López (Pedagogical Coordinator)

"The experience with Weeras has helped us to make a quality training in line with the present day, both in form and methodology, thanks to the ease and attention from the team and the variety of possibilities offered by the tool."


Marc Alcaraz (Studies Coordinator)

"We can describe the Weeras team as very close, accessible and attentive. Direct communication channels have been established and the response capacity is almost immediate."

Institut Mediterrània

Vicenç Torregrosa (Secretary)

"We at Hexagrama describe the Weeras team as excellent. The understanding and comprehension in developing the new method of virtual training has made it possible for us to reach a larger number of students today."


Li Wang (Director)

"The Weeras team has provided us with a comprehensive system for creating and distributing interactive educational content. They have also helped us in the implementation of improvements and the customisation of the interface. Always with a friendly and close treatment."


Raquel Cano (Quality Department)

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